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In the Majority World, mobility remains a critical stumbling block for billions of people living without reliable access to public transport services and lacking the basic freedom of movement they need to improve their situation.

At WhereIsMyTransport, we’re working hard to change that - using data and technology to develop solutions for sustainable urban mobility.


We are the de facto source of mobility data for the world’s largest low- and middle-income cities. In a single city, tens of thousands of vehicles can transport hundreds of thousands of people every day, with little or no information on operations. Until now.

We have mapped more of these cities than any other organisation, using local teams and new technology to make the invisible visible. By getting the right information to the right people at the right time, we are making public transport more accessible, more predictable, easier to navigate, and safer to use for everyone, everywhere.

Mexico City’s formal and informal public transit networks. Source: WhereIsMyTransport 2019


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    Special Recognition Award

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    Outstanding Achievement

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    Global Urban Innovator

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    Transport Innovation Award

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    ICT & Service Transformation

  • 2016 Grand Winner


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Mapping the Majority World

We have the world’s foremost data collection playbook for mapping formal and informal public transport networks in emerging-market cities. We started in Africa and we’re mapping South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

Our strong global brand - reputation, experience, credibility - means that we can work easily with cities, with the informal transport industry, and with different populations in complex, emerging markets.

Definitive Digital Solution for Sustainable Urban Mobility

We have a suite of custom tools designed specifically for mapping complex public transport networks in emerging-market cities. We’re constantly developing and adapting to capture new data that we discover to be valuable to the community. Our integrated mobility platform - our API - includes proprietary algorithms, features, and capabilities designed for complex transport networks in emerging markets.

Through mobile apps, web apps, and digital services, the API turns data into information for different audiences - multi-modal journey planning and navigation for commuters, and knowledge products - e.g., accessibility reports, transit network analysis, ridership and revenue estimates for cities, DFIs, and NGOs.

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